Features V1

The only Capital Management tool you'll ever need

Forecasting Made Simple

Highest rated and most accurate forecasting tool to date. Flexible information share and real-time updates.

M6Works for Teams

Provide a place for collaboration to thrive. For internal teams and external teams working on your project.

Rollup Schedules

100% integrated digital project schedules simplify PM status updates and enable portfolio visibility.

Digital Approvals

Share digital link and the Action Center system takes care of the rest!

Automated Project Fields

Project communications are pre-organized so teams know where to find information, instantly.

Easy To Customize

Because we know all projects are different, we built-in the ability to easily customize our software to your specific way of work.

Features V2

Any way you want it

Stop looking for a software that fits your needs and get exactly whtat you want today.

UX/UI like you've never seen

No offense, but these old corporate business softwares are like using a 1990's computer. Slow, clunky, not thought out for ease-of-use. Unlock the future of business with M6.

Features V3