THE CURIOUS CASE OF COVID-19 – Saving Businesses through IT Optimization.

Old habits die hard. Change always brings disruption and uncertainties, and therefore people resist it. But the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic is changing that narrative.

As the virus ravages the globe, measures particularly aimed at restricting physical human interactions have been put in place to contain it. These changes have disrupted our lives as we know it, introducing what many call the 'new normal'. So, people, and particularly Businesses have begun to adopt new ways to carry out their activities in the face of this reality.

While some Businesses have shut down completely because they could not survive the onslaught by the pandemic, many are on life support, but if they want to stand a chance at getting back on their feet, they must be willing to change their model of operation. Automation and IT Optimization have become the roadmap in this 'new normal'.

This ‘new normal’ has already caused a shift in work culture. Twitter announced earlier that some members of its workforce can work from home ‘forever’ while Facebook is working towards a 50% remote work migration within the next ten years. According to a forecast by Global work place analytics, 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

As Companies begin to adapt to this 'new normal' where the bedroom is now the new boardroom, social events replaced with the social media, trainings turned to webinars, meetings moved to the cloud and the cyberspace becoming the new marketplace; business leaders must invest in Business Management Applications, the fundamental IT tool that will efficiently and effectively coordinate these different components of business operations for maximum productivity. One of such tools is the M6connect’s IT Apps.

Traditionally, applications such as ‘Spreadsheets’ and ‘SharePoint’ had taken this responsibility but have not been nearly successful.

For instance, 'the spreadsheet' which was originally developed as a computer application to automate the paper-based accounting worksheets but later used for other operations in the business process, had its drawbacks. While ‘the spreadsheet’ application represented a major step forward in the businessworld, it had some deficiencies that almost invalidated its success.

These shortcomings as observed by many researchers are as follows:


The program is not user-friendly, the structure is also loose. Because of this, it is easy for someone to introduce an error, either accidentally or deliberately, by entering information in the wrong place or expressing dependencies among cells incorrectly.

Reliability Issues.

The error rate of Spreadsheets was high according to research studies. Thereis a high error risk often associated with authorship and use which stems fromlack of enhanced control.

Authoring process.

The authoring process is tedious. Authors have difficulty remembering the meanings of hundreds or thousands of cell addresses that appear in formulas.

Lack of auditing and revision control.

With a high error rate and lack of control, it becomes difficult to determine who changed what and when. This is a big problem with regard to regulatory compliance. Lack of revision control greatly increases the risk of errors due to the inability to track, isolate, and test changes made to a document.

Limited Capacity.

Many 'spreadsheet' software products had limited entry capacity which made it unfavorable for large operations.

Lack of security.

Spreadsheets lack controls on who can see and modify particular data. This, combined with the lack of auditing, can make it easy for someone to commit fraud.

Coding Flaws

Major coding flaws in the spreadsheet were also uncovered by Thomas Herndon, a graduate student of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2013.

These deficiencies made the operation of the spreadsheets overwhelming, time-consuming as well as risky for the organization in the long run as it has proven to lead to financial losses and even the loss of life in medical-related operations.


It is based on this reality that applications such as ITInsights was born. Launched in 2018, this Business Management Application is fulfilling M6Connect’s mandate of empowering people and businesses throughout the world via digital transformation and optimization of their business by bringing the power of new-age technology to everyday, working-class people, enabling them to be more efficient and spend life on things that matter.

They are achieving this by helping IT departments and organizations optimize operations in businesses so they can smoothly transit to the new reality of remote work enabling teams to work together and seamlessly, something the traditional applications fell short of.

They provide their clients with a digital operating system that enables them to unlock the full potentials of their businesses and lives. They also serve them a flexible cloud platform with digital capabilities and support for every business process and is tailored to each organization's processes, enabling simple cost-free training, adoption, and immediate value.

The entire operation is digitized and at the pace of the organization with quick adaptation to business needs and opportunities at an unimaginably lowcost. IT Applications has been designed to meet all the needs of remote work.

The IT Apps Edge

M6Connect’s IT Apps was not created barely to make up the numbers of Business Management Applications, it was created to solve problems; what existing applications either overlooked or simply could not address.

What other competing applications could not fix, it has accomplished. Before now software vendors were not allowed to maintain their information for the clients. Instead, the clients had to maintain it in the provider's systems. But that has changed with the introduction of IT Apps. 'Putting back control where it is needed' has helped to reduce Analyst’s workload enabling them to focus on more critical user needs.

Accountability is very important right now. As different teams work together on a project from different locations at the same time via the cloud, it is important to keep track of the entire process with proper real-time documentation that helps to know who is authoring, copying, modifying, etc events and their level of authorization. The M6 platform also gives vendors and analysts the opportunity to work seamlessly to resolve issues that can be as little as an error on the desktop that affects the often hundreds of software applications that users use. Fixing such issues and others similar gives internal users the ability towork without technology disputes.

With M6 IT Apps, Product upgrades and renewal decisions just got even better because of the good analytical data it provides to analysts in the job process.

The M6Connect’s IT Apps is fully adapted to the needs of today’s 'reality' that it has Integrated many features to help address the many difficulties in today's work-from-home norm. Some of the many new problems that weren't previously a big issue by our clients that M6 is trying to fix is an issue such as taking vacations. Another outstanding feature is the provision of the Contract dashboard. Top decision-makers can now draft, present, view, and sign contracts on the go. This contract dashboard comes with many tools that aid the process, particularly the contract comparison tool.


So far, the M6 IT Apps is the most comprehensive application database for IT professionals in the world. Software vendors work for you and help you when you need it.

M6’s IT Apps also has an online support blog for application analysts around the world to collaborate on - sharing insights and solving problems. This cloud-based system is the ultimate tool for analysts and vendors to work together. Everything you can think of to serve your needs like dependency, maintenance, specifications, installation instructions, contact information, contract details, and even a built-in messaging system for immediate support, are available.

With more than 1,800 corporate software applications to select from, and growing, the M6 database is the largest enterprise application record data base available. They work with the vendors to actively maintain more than 151 data fields per application. They have the world's first standard application record for your internal IT operations.

M6 offers a starter package of the IT Apps Application to allow first-timers to experience this world of endless possibilities at a very affordable rate, it's no wonder why they have new users joining every day.

COVID-19 is dealing ruthlessly with businesses. With so many businesses still fighting for their life, IT Optimization is the sure support needed in this quest for survival. This means that business operations will have to be modernized with this ‘new normal’ in focus. With this in view, M6 is clearly the place to go, because when it comes to optimization it is important to work with a company you can grow with, a company built for all and puts everyone on the same page; Leadership, Analysts, and even the Vendor.