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Want to start saving tons of time and money on software? Finally, a software company that builds what you need and not what they say you need.

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Easily integrates with your favorite services

Any way you want it

Stop looking for a software that fits your needs and get exactly whtat you want today.

UX/UI like you've never seen

No offense, but these old corporate business softwares are like using a 1990's computer. Slow, clunky, not thought out for ease-of-use. Unlock the future of business with M6.


The proof is in the pudding.

Numbers don't lie, we improve budget savings by over 120% for our current customers, cut busy work time in half so our customers employees can do their real job, save 1.5 hours per FTE, and improve employee communications by over 100%.

Budget Savings
Hours Saved Daily
Less Busy Work
Better Communication
Ken Lawonn
Sharp Healthcare

On M6:
"Using technology to help drive efficencies and seeing automation of routine tasks...better engage consumers, patients, and customers to understand what the possibilties are..."

Josh Stevens

M6 is the ultimate business tool for every company that's serious about maximizing their overal efficiencies and cutting costs.

Andrew Young

You can tell that M6 is the best business soltuion after chatting with their team. I absolutely love the human element they bring to business. They truly care.

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