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M6Connect was created for companies of all sizes and for all industries. Our founder witnessed the challenges that customers and vendors have working together throughout his 20 year career and developed M6Connect to solve them.

We provide custom business solutions and full digital transformation for corporate departments and small business. Because of the capabilities of our platform, our developers can build and launch brand new software for you faster than any other software company. Your new software is hosted seamlessly in our platform with every associated role, security and is completely scaleable for work groups and international business with thousands of users.

You can reset your account password and change other account details by clicking on your user icon (top right of the screen), then select the pencil icon.

M6Connect is a software that provides a marketplace for businesses to work collaboratively together. There are several free platform services on M6: M6Drive up to 5GB, Messenger, Vendor Relationship Management (VRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), RFPs, eProposals, and much more.

M6Connect is a Framework to help organizations and their employees work in collaboration with their vendors and or customers.

The M stands for Multidimensional thinking. Thinking about a problem from multiple dimensions, rather than simply adopting one approach is more successful. It is desirable because it allows for greater intellectual penetration, and also because being an able multidimensional thinker allows one to think without relying heavily on the framework.

The sigma on the M is actually the number 6 to signify that M6Connect uses Six Sigma processes.

Connect signifies that our service connects businesses together.

Welcome to M6Connect, a multidimensional software framework focused on streamlining your processes and making it easier for companies to do business with your company.