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M6Connect is a software service that provides a marketplace for businesses to connect and share RFPs, Proposals and Contracts.

You can upgrade your membership at any time! To upgrade your membership level, click on the link below and select the membership level that fits your needs. Upgrade Membership

You can reset your accounts password and change other account details by clicking on the user icon; located in the upper right corner of the screen.

No. M6Connect is designed to be used for companies in any industry.

M stands for Master contract. The 6 is to show that we support Six Sigma processes. Connect is to signify this service is for connecting businesses.

All users are provided the free service which allows them to connect to others on the system, post projects and RFPs, and to search for other companies. Paid subscribers have all of the functionality provided to free users, but they can also respond to RFPs. For a complete list of the different service levels and to upgrade to a paid subscription, Click Here

When your subscription expires, M6Connect automatically charges your credit card for another term of service.

Before your subscription ends, go to the upgrade your service page here, and select the free option. You will have access to M6Connect as a paid user till the end of the current term of service and then you will have a free account.

Once a paid user has downgraded to a free account and their current term of service has expired, they will have access to the normal free user features. They will no longer have access to Proposals or other features available to paid users. No data is lost when the user downgrades, but depending on what the data is they may no longer have access to it (for example, proposals and contracts).