M6Connect is a wholistic approach to solving common industry problems. We serve multiple industries and all customer types from vendors, to wholesalers, owners, prime contractors, construction and commercial products up and down the supply chain. We greatly appreciate all participants in the supply chain and have devised a new approach enabling all companies to work securely and seamlessly together in the same system.



Custom Modules for M6Connect – many organizations see technology as an advantage in the marketplace. By integrating your needs into the M6 current architecture you gain speed to market and efficiency quicker than normal custom development.

Simple & Easy to Use

Learning to use M6Connect is as easy as surfing the internet. A contemporary approach that baby boomers and millennials expect.

Free Services

Whether you are a vendor searching for business or a client managing a portfolio you'll realize value just by signing up. Connect with business colleagues, establish conversations, market your company page and promote yourself. Access online storage with M6Drive at no cost for you and your business.

A Place to Work

An environment that enables sharing of information and improving the process of your business to business experience. We have created a unique business environment developed specifically improve the way your business does business.

One Time One Place

You will spend less time qualifying contacts, searching for information and validating certifications. We are a vendor centric system that saves time and reduces wasted effort throughout the process for all stakeholders.